About Me

The success or failure of mediation is not only based upon the willingness of parties to mediate, but on the skill and direction of the mediator.

The skill I bring to the table as a mediator is my ability to focus in on the heart of the problem and respectfully and clearly aid the parties in the discovery of a solution. The key to resolution of any dispute lies in first developing a concrete understanding of the nature of the problem and using clear communication techniques.

It may seem self-evident, but listening carefully and impartially and using open and clear communication – even in heated situations – allows me to help the parties narrow down what is most important to them in a resolution. When an individual has a problem, especially in a real estate dispute, there are many emotions that may come into play. People sometimes feel taken advantage of, or they are angry at how a transaction was handled. Effective mediation can help parties to gather new information, in order to achieve a new understanding of the problem, perhaps through a new perspective or idea.

Once the main issues are isolated, we can look at the legal aspects and deal with the transaction from a business perspective. This means reviewing the contract, agreements, emails and all other relevant documents, discussing their importance to the parties and beginning to connect the dots from the core issues to reach a common goal.

What is unique about me is that I not only examine why the parties are in mediation, but I take a comprehensive approach to the problem: I look at how the dispute began, from the initial development of the conflict through the breakdown of communication. This approach allows me to objectively find pathways to possible solutions. The comprehensive approach is key to unraveling these issues and reaching a resolution.

Below is a little information about my background to get to know me better. And I look forward to getting to know you better!

I have always felt that I possess a natural ability as a problem solver. I truly believe in the effectiveness of mediation. It’s rewarding to bring the parties to a point of settlement where both are satisfied. I’ve helped many complainants and respondents stay out of expensive court litigation and arbitration which allowed them to move forward with their lives. The process can work for you too.

For a free consultation:

Please contact me by phone: (626) 483-4611
or e-mail: margaret.garemore@gmail.com