Appraisal Issues

Posted on: May 29th, 2012 by Margaret No Comments

I recently had an appraisal on a North Monrovia Property not come in at value. This is a common problem in trying to close a real estate transaction. The appraisal came in $15,000 less than the agreed upon purchase price. The buyer and seller were willing to split the difference. In doing this, the agreed upon price was reduced $7500. This is one way to solve an appraisal problem. I was lucky, not all sellers are willing to budge off of the sales price. The benefit of doing this is that the buyer and seller can proceed to close escrow without seller having to put the property back on the market and the buyer ends up with a slightly better purchase price. This can work when the difference is minimum. In this case, only a $7500 difference for the seller. Sometimes the difference is much more, and that creates a more difficult problem that sometimes cannot be easily resolved.

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