The Fast Pace of Real Estate

Posted on: May 29th, 2012 by Margaret No Comments

I have been a Realtor for nearly 14 years. I came into the field with a 14-year law background as a paralegal. I knew I liked writing contracts and I knew I liked houses. But when I started so many years ago, it certainly felt easier. That might be a surprise to some, but the whole industry moved at a slower place in the 90’s. Now with the internet and email, everything moves so fast. Offers can come flying in by email at the speed of light. In years past, we would get a fax and people would expect a response in a day or two. Now, expectations are higher. For me, that works with my personality. I have always been a Type-A person. So “get it done now” comes automatically to me. We are now even seeing electronic signatures on purchase contracts (not live signatures by the buyer). I have heard that real estate transactions will go paperless some day. I have received a few contracts with electronic, or e-signatures, and I know that the lenders often will not accept them on a final contract – the lenders usually request what we call “wet” signatures to be done later. So do I like real estate? Yes, love it. It can be a lot of fun. But is it a hard, challenging and fast-paced environment? Absolutely! I know people often think I make my own hours and schedule, but that is really not true. I must be available whenever the client needs me. And if that counter-offer comes in during a weekend get-a-way or on a holiday, I still have to get it done – now! So the world of real estate is fun and rewarding, but to do it right, it takes work. And the client deserves the best I can give.

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